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EFT Level 2 Training Courses
London Herts and elsewhere

Below is information about our EFT Level 2 training courses which are for those who have attended the Level 1 workshops and wish to increase their skill levels in this powerful technique, and also for those who wish to progress to becoming an EFT practitioner.

Feel free to read details below, however we have a dedicated web site www.eft-courses.org.uk which has full information including locations, dates and prices. Go there also to book on the next workshop.

  EFT Level 1 Workshop London Herts

Level 2 EFT Workshop

Option to become an AAMET-accredited EFT Practitioner!

Once you’ve completed Level One, you’re ready to expand your effectiveness with EFT! This course gives you the option to become an AAMET-accredited EFT practitioner. With plenty of practice, we take things further and learn new protocols for applying EFT more effectively.

  • Discuss Principles from the Palace of Possibilities
  • Discover Additional Tapping Points
  • Find Ways to Minimize the Pain of Uncomfortable Memories
  • Learn How to Find Core Issues
  • Testing Your Results
  • Working with trauma
  • Addressing physical issues
  • PLUS… Applying EFT over the phone and Delivering EFT to groups

For those wishing to become an AAMET-accredited EFT practitioner

As part of the accreditation to become an EFT practitioner you will be asked to submit case studies after the course, and you will need to informally demonstrate practical skills (not in front of everybody!). If you haven't yet had much experience of using EFT on yourself or other it is strongly suggested you get plenty of practice between now and the Level 2 workshop.

To book please see our ==>EFT Training website.

Tapping Treatments
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