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EFT Level 1 Workshop London

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Level 1 EFT Workshop

UPDATE: Radio 2 Presenter and author Janey Lee Grace recently attended this workshop. Read about her experiences in her blog...

Join us for this powerful one-day workshop in a central London location which introduces you to EFT and in one day gives you the knowledge and skills to use EFT effectively on yourself and your family. Learn how to use this revolutionary method that targets unresolved emotional issues and the potential blocks to vibrant health and happiness.

EFT Level 1 workshop CLICK HERE to download full brochure
(PDF format - this may take a minute or less)

The following are covered plus much more:

  • What is EFT and why are people so excited by it?
  • How is it able to release past upsets and traumas so easily?
  • Find out the real cause of negative feelings and emotions
  • Find out how we can block ourselves completely in any area of life, how that can prevent any healing modality working (including conventional medical treatment), and what you can do about it.
  • Find out why there is an unconscious limit on how much you can earn – and how you can increase it.
  • Find how EFT can treat large numbers of related traumas usually without addressing each one separately.
  • Learn the full EFT treatment procedure
  • Clear one or more negative past events during the workshop
  • Learn how to administer EFT treatment on someone else – your family and friends will be delighted!
  • Learn how to clear intense traumas without even going near them
  • Learn a way to use EFT over time to give you peace of mind and freedom from your past.
  • Find out how to treat very heavy emotional intensity.
  • Find out the real reason for addictions and cravings, and how to let them go (feel free to bring along something you are addicted to – inanimate objects only please!)
  • Learn the basics of using EFT for physical issues and try it out in the workshop.
  • Find out what can stop EFT working, and what to do about it.
  • As well as a training, the workshop is a deeply healing experience that will give you life-changing skills you can use for the rest of your life on yourself, family and friends.
  • This workshop is also a pre-requisite if you wish to go on and become an EFT practitioner.

The course is taught in one day and sometimes two half days. It can also be taught at your premises, subject to a minimum number of attendees.

Next Dates in London:

  • Fri 18th June 2010
  • Fri 3rd Sep 2010

Times: From 9am to 5:30pm

Location: Central London (actual location will be announced a few days prior).

Price: £135

EARLYBIRD: The first 8 attendees paying their £50 deposit before a month before the workshop receive a £20 discount (total £115).

CONCESSIONS: We will not turn away anyone who cannot afford the course fee. EFT is a fundamental tool for life and should be available to everyone! Call or email to discuss concessions.

Fee includes:

  • Full training by fully AAMET-accredited EFT trainer Peter Donn
  • A comprehensive manual
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments morning and afternoon
  • Full Level 1 accreditation certificate of attendence
EARLYBIRD: Book me on this workshop now at £115
Book me on this workshop now £135
Pay £50 deposit to reserve my place (the rest is payable by post-dated cheque to arrive not later than 1 week before the course start date) (payable to "Peter Donn", 2 Love Lane, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire WD4 9HN)
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