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EFT Courses

EFT Courses for Everyone in London, Herts and across the UK

The EFT Training Centre runs EFT courses for everyone - laypeople, beginners, professionals, carers, to those wishing to start a new career as an EFT practitioner.

Attend the best possible AAMET-accredited courses, given by a highly experienced trainer who will make absolutely sure you leave with the skills to use EFT immediately and confidently.

We run our London EFT courses near Euston station in central London and our Hertfordshire EFT training 5 minutes north of the M25 junction 20. We also run training in other areas of the country and in other countries based on demand. See EFT Courses Location Maps at the bottom of this page.

The EFT Training Centre runs EFT courses for anyone wishing to learn EFT, regardless of your background or previous EFT experience.

EFT is an incredibly powerful technique that everyone, without exception, should have in their personal development toolkit. It commonly works like magic for many challenges and negative emotionsl and feelings. For more information about EFT see What is EFT?

EFT can be learnt from a book or manual, however nothing compares with the experience and learning that comes from attending EFT courses. One of the problems when learning from a book or DVD are knowing the subtleties that will completely pass you by and often result in a blocked treatment that goes nowhere leading to frustration and maybe even giving up on EFT which would be tragic.

Participant feedback confirms that the experiential nature of a workshop combined with hand-holding, understanding EFT it a deeper level, and also personal healing experiences are the most important aspects of the course.

Our courses are run to ensure plenty of supervised practice, and also to make sure your questions are answered - both those about EFT in general, and also about the specific EFT processes within the practice sessions.  Small groups ensure you are looked after and leave feeling inspired and confident to use EFT at home on yourself and with your family and friends after the course.

We run a variety of EFT courses to suit your needs, from EFT Level 1, EFT Level 2 and EFT Level 3 to other transformational workshops such as Matrix Reimprinting that are standalone or complement your EFT knowledge.

All EFT courses are fully AAMET-accredited.  The AAMET is the largest international EFT professional organisation in the world ensuring consistent standards and specifying a standard curriculum covering all the core skills at each of the levels.

AAMET-accredited attendance certificates are given at each level (which represent pre-requisites for higher levels given by our trainer or other AAMET-accredited trainers).   After attending a Level 2 workshop you can go on to become an EFT practitioner (there is some practical supervision, an open-book test to do at home and some case studies). Our London training is run in central London, within a walk away from Euston station.  They are are fun, inspirational, well-paced and and loved by all. See some entries from our large database of positive feedback.

All information about EFT courses including training locations, prices, dates and how to book is to be found on our EFT Courses website. Go straight to ==> EFT Courses to see full details - or click below:

EFT Training London

EFT Courses in Central London - Map

Note: Some trainings are not held at this location but are typically within a 15-minute walk from Euston station.

EFT Training London

EFT Courses in Hertfordshire WD4 9HN - Map

EFT Training Hertfordshire

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