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Workshop Feedback

EFT Level-1 Workshop Participant Comments

All original workshop feedback is available for viewing – just ask.

Comments on the workshop experience:

  • An enlightening and enjoyable day. Q.M., male
  • I am deeply grateful for this gift.  I really appreciated Peter’s deep genuineness & gentleness. Thank you!  N.M., male.
  • The environment was perfect.  I felt very well taken care of and appreciated.  I understand and felt eager to learn.  Well explained, well experienced.  The day was perfect and I think Peter is a very good teacher.  Thank you!!  S.D., female
  • Everything was good – pace is clear. Lots of breaks were good. Having the manual is wonderful – thank you.
  • I enjoyed the whole day; the possibility of accelerated healing; the unfolding experience. [anon]
  • I enjoyed all of it, sharing the sessions and recognising patterns of sabotage.[anon]
  • I enjoyed doing the tapping.  I really enjoyed the whole day and process. The combination of explanation and doing. [anon].
  • I am really excited about EFT.  It seems to be filling a huge gap in the world of therapies. L.G., female
  • EFT seems really life changing for many situations. R.I., female
  • EFT is quick and to the point.   What could take weeks, months or even year in conventional therapies works in minutes. L.H., male
  • I liked the fact that it was conducted in a very casual, often funny way and very flexible in terms of picking up a participants personal questions and needs. A.C., female
  • I experienced a pronounced shift in emotion on the topic I chose.  Something that is unobtrusive and worth everyone learning in order to deal with life’s “issues”. Q.M., male
  • It was a profound & deeply authentic experience which opens a whole world of possibilities. N.M., male
  • I think it is a remarkable and very powerful tool which I will definitely be using on myself. [anon], female
  • In the paired work, I was surprised and happy that an emotion went from 9 to 0 in one go.
  • I enjoyed the size of the group.  It was a comfortable number which made for a perfect balance between group and individual work.  The explanations of how and why and when to use the techniques were very clear and easy to understand. Enjoyed it very much!  T.H. , female
  • Peter put things across very well.  I liked his manner; it was easy to follow what he said. I would recommend this workshop for its simplicity and straight-forwardness, recognising it as a good method in getting to deeper levels of understanding. C.G. , female
  • Friendly, well-paced workshop; it felt very secure environment. J.M. , female
  • A wonderful course.  It’s very exciting to think about how many issues EFT can change. Thank you Peter.  L.G., female
  • You are a very good facilitator and trainer. A very good entry into EFT for anyone to take on board. L.K., female
  • Really nice room to work in.  Good number of participants.  Feel it is something I can use. J.K., male
  • I understood what EFT is and also how it can help heal both emotional and physical scars.  The openness of the group and seeing EFT ‘in action’.  Practical application of the EFT techniques. Q.M., male
  • The demonstrations with [anon] and [anon] were wonderful. K.G., female
  • I enjoyed using the technique and understanding from other’s experiences. M.S., female
  • The atmosphere was great.  Peter was very relaxed and professional. [anon].
  • Peter's Level 1 EFT course was inspirational and like a good wine matures wonderfully. Anthony Brittain.
  • Really good pace, clearly explained & nice interesting extras.  Very good. R.I., female
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