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Peter's approach was supportive from every angle, and demonstrated the ability to work with an abundance of tools and skills to heal the root cause. His compassionate approach for his work is without ego and truly comes from the heart. From the beginning to the end of my personal process, I experienced a great deal of love and trust working with Peter, and now all I am left with is gratitude. You truly have been an inspiration, especially for being male and displaying such abilities!!

Love and Light to you and your family.

R.A., Male, Cheshire


[For Peter]: Thank you for the session on Friday – I found it extremely powerful and healing.

S.M., Female, Bushey


Hi Peter

Thanks for the session today. It really was a great experience!

I drove home feeling renewed and energised with a great sense of freedom and am still feeling on top of the world!

I was very interested in the process which seems to incorporate many elements of NLP.

K.O., Female, Surrey



You possibly do not remember me. I am a friend of [...] and I consulted with you in January 2004.

It was a pretty hefty session of 3hrs where you taught me a great deal about myself and had an immediate impact on the way I live my life and the decisions I take. I know that there have been a number of other motivational forces but the frankness of the questions you asked me and the willingess with which I answered them - and I just knew all of these answers - really forced some changes.

You said to me that I would know whether I ever needed to see you again. I have wondered about it from time to time - but felt that I am very comfortable with what I am doing and the way things have progressed.

Thanks so much, I thought you might like the feedback.

S.A., Female, Epping


Hi Peter.

Please excuse the informality of an email, but it feels a little more relevent than a call as i dont know really what to  say!!

I really enjoyed my session and want to  thank you again for the extra time you gave me.

I have certainly had some big revelations since seeing you. In fact that's why i would rather not call as yet as i feel the process is in a deep shifting phase and i am unsure of quite what effects i've had since seeing you. Although i do  know that deep stuff is moving. Hence iam feeling very unstable and wobbly!

So holding quiet until i surface with some clarity.

I think it 's great work and thanks again.

H.O., Female, London Bridge


I came to Peter with an issue, something that I wanted to resolve. However I found that there were several other more fundamental issues and old patterns sabotaging my resolution of what I wanted to work with. The session with Peter allowed me the space and the connection with higher self and/or my unconscious mind to identify what was going on for me and why. Peter’s experience as a therapist, his wisdom as a person and his kindness as a human being held me in the guided, safe and non-judgemental place I needed.

Rowena J Ronson, Homeopath, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for confirming that you got the packet okay.  It was a great session, thank you!  Thank you so much for the healing, the interventions were so precise, and I now feel that I have all that I need to create the life that I have dreamed of.

I look forward to working with you in the future!

L.O., Female, Croydon


Hi Peter,

Thanks so much for the session on Sunday. It had a miraculous effect on me and others around me. I have no idea what happened or what you have been doing, but I firmly believe that it turned everything around. And this a sceptical no.6 talking! [referring to enneagram type 6].

G.H., Male, Hampshire


[For Peter]: Thank you for the powerful and healing session.

It was very easy to talk to you. I found myself unearthing some previously unexpressed thoughts and feelings. I must have felt very safe in your presence.

You are a confident and effective practitioner. I have been talking to quite a few people about what you do.

K.R., Female, Hertfordshire


Hi Peter,

Just home,visited a few people in Dublin.I feel quite well i have to say. There indeed is a freshness to my thoughts now and I was free to live today a lot more and not "lose myself".

Again I feel it may take a few days to integrate but I do feel "different" .

M.A, Male, Dublin, Ireland


This email was received from J.H. from Essex who reached this point after a number of sessions, having been strongly motivated to move beyond what he had realised was limiting him in his life. One significant aspect was an irrational anger that flared up at specific moments, including when on the road – however that turned out to not be as significant as something else...

Every individual is fundamentally driven by a pair of prime-ordeal polarities, fluctuating between them during their life. The polarities control the individual compulsively and unconsciously. By neutralising (unifying) these, the individual becomes at choice. J.H. was running the polarities of “Identity” and “No-identity”. Muscle testing revealed that he was living only 2% of himself in his life, the remaining 98% represented identities taken on from others, in order to fit in or avoid pain. The most recent session resulted in the unification of these polarities placing him at choice. He is now in the new situation of having to take charge of his own life, becoming aware of his own needs. He is now free to find and live out his life purpose.

J.H. gave permission to use his words in the following email fragment:

“Yep, no problems whatsover in you using any of this for a testimonial! Please feel free to pick the bits out of this that are most useful to you. Everything I have said is the truth! (I would appreciate it if you could use initials instead of full name).Feel free to put it on your web site if that helps. You've a great talent and the more people that know about it, the better.”

The email below was sent one week after his most recent session.

From: J.H. [full name withheld]
Sent: 25 November 2004 14:36
To: Peter Donn
Subject: Update 25-11-04

Hi Peter, as promised here is an update of where I am!
Its great news I have but I still feeling like leaving it longer to write in case its not real!!! Initially I felt: -fragile, maybe a bit of Tunnel Syndrome wondering who I really was!

A week later I feel:

-I am more relaxed,easy going. This is this year's biggest understatement. I feel like nothing seems to bother me except for the rare feelings of "that's unfair" when I feel discomfort. I have been out and about and have examples (with & without alcohol) where I have tried to test whether its just me deceiving myself and really trying too hard to be Mr Good. However, I just can't seem to get irate about anything!!! Its most weird but I'm grateful i feel this way. I guess if there were 2 polarities of Mr Calm and Mr Angry ,most of my life has been spent between neutral and Mr Angry where as now I spend most of my time in Mr Calm and sometime in Neutral and 1 or 2 occasions where I flick to mild Mr Angry and quickly think,"I don't want to be doing this, so I won't". Its taken some real adjustment on my part but its most welcome.

-The road rage has all but gone.

-I seem more able to make (the right) choices when it comes to how I want to feel at any particular moment. For instance last weekend I had a phone in a pub swallow my money without the thing working. I tried to work up some anger and windup up the landlady but even when she said it was a public phone and not her responsibility, I just couldn’t get angry about it-everything was cool calm and collected!

- I don't know if my internal anger was a huge driver for me but I definitely have lost the workaholic edge. At the moment, I don't have a real drive to do anything, which is disconcerting. I have felt feelings of boredom and frustration this week but I think that's because my body now wants to be doing something else to what it was used to. Maybe it wants to have some fun now and maybe it needs a stimulating career now. The first part is easy and [wife’s name withheld] is grateful but the second part has got me flumoxed for the moment but I've put my Intention out there for my intuition and any Guardian Angels to send me some messages as to where I should be pointed!!!

Anyway Peter, I hope this helps you as much as your therapy has helped me! I'm very grateful but feel like someone has spun me round in circles for 20 turns and now I'm dizzy!

Talk to you soon,

J.H., Male, Essex


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