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(Feedback from a recent workshop: "The overall experience - I have found it life changing + the possibilities are endless". M.P., male)

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UPDATE: Radio 2 Presenter and author Janey Lee Grace recently attended our EFT Level 1 Workshop. Read about her experiences in her blog...

What is EFT?

EFT (sometimes known as "Tapping") is fast becoming the treatment of choice for many people with emotional issues of all types, with its ability to release negative emotional states quickly and effectively, and deal quickly with cravings and phobias. Remarkably, traumas from specific events typically need only up to three gentle sessions to clear, usually permanently. EFT can also be used to clear the underlying emotional causes of physical issues, thereby dramatically increasing the chances of physical healing.

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Watch an EFT Introductory video and hear
about its benefits.

It is being popularised now thanks to Paul McKenna's regular use of this method on TV. Many hypnotherapists are now using EFT in favour of their standard treatment, as it can give faster results.

EFT is based on the idea that "all negative emotion is a disturbance in the body's energy system". If you are feeling a negative emotion or feeling, then part of your subtle energy system - for example your body's acupuncture meridian system - is blocked. By clearing these blocks - which you can do by tapping on a simple, never-changing set of acupuncture points - you can clear negative emotions, often permanently.

It can be used at home effectively, but often a trained therapist is needed to get to all aspects of the problem. Practitioners often teach you to use it yourself between sessions.

Areas it works well with includes:

· anger (and anger management)
· stress (and stress management)
· anxiety and panic attacks
· stubborn or chronic physical issues
· relationship challenges
· emotional and mental issues
· fears
· trauma

EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything.  We are using a version of it that is based on the original version (found at http://www.emofree.com) but also use it in new ways that have been developed by the EFT community since. We adhere to the guidelines of the UK Meridian Energy Techniques umbrella body the AAMET (www.aamet.org).

EFT Practitioners

Peter Donn BSc (Hons), C.P.MET, EFT-ADV, AAMET, M.AMT, ITEC (A&P), BCMA Reg., TFTDx, M.BTFTA

Peter Donn is an intuitive, compassionate and experienced EFT practitioner who offers consultations from Euston in London, Kings Langley in Hertfordshire and over the telephone. He is an EFT Master (AMT), trained to advanced Level 3 (AAMET), is an AAMET accredited trainer and has been using EFT intensively with clients for over 8 years.

EFT often works suprisingly fast, however some issues can be difficult to shift even with this powerful modality. For these, Peter has seamlessly blended EFT into a healing system called Root Cause Healing Therapy which is designed to track down the origins of issues quickly with the use of a tool called Psycho-Kinesiology. As powerful as EFT is, without this tool - or a powerful intuition - it can take a long time with EFT to get to all aspects of an issue, as its origins can be so subtle. Psycho-kinesiology enables an issue's contributory factors to be quickly determined. More about Peter...

Tamara Donn BSc (Hons), AAMET

Tamara Donn is an AAMET-accredited EFT practitioner, having used EFT for over 4 years. She is intuitive and is passionate about helping woman (regretfully she doesn't see male clients) using this wonderful tool to resolve upsets and emotional blocks in their lives. More about Tamara...


EFT was created by a US Stanford engineer who became interested in some intruiging work by Roger Callahan. Roger is the creator of TFT (Thought Field Therapy) which is a system involving individualised sets of acupuncture points which you tap to resolve specific emotional experiences. EFT greatly simplified this system by reducing the system down to a small set of acu-points which are used for all conditions.

Private Consultations

Tamara and Peter Donn practice either face to face in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire or by Skype and phone all over the world. For an online booking click here. Alternatively telephone 01923 260 050 or 07941 221 635.

Tapping Treatments
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