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EFT Consultations

One-to-one EFT Consultations are offered by phone, from Kings Langley in Hertfordshire, from Euston in London NW1, and by telephone.

How many sessions will I need?

One of the most common questions we are asked is "How many sessions will I need"? This is a very sensible question, however the answer is "it depends"!

We can give a very general idea based on different issues and circumstances.

What we tend to find is that a simple acute emotional issues needs around 1-3 sessions. Simple phobias are typically 1 session.

However if there is a whole lifetime of emotional "baggage" that needs to be resolved, a whole course of sessions will be needed which, if the individual wishes for the process to go quickly and efficiently, will involve self-healing at home between sessions (using EFT and other introspective work - tools will be taught).

On average, we tend to find clients need between 4 and 12 sessions, however in complex cases many more sessions could be needed.

What we suggest to individuals is an initial session to experience the technique - and in most cases you will feel a difference in this first session, and then if appropriate to have a course of 6 follow-on sessions. We can then decide between us how well things are going and decide what future work, if any, needs to be done.

But will it work for me?

I find around 85% of individuals respond very well indeed to EFT - in the first session this becomes clear. For some people persistence is needed to discover subtle issues that cause be causing the treatment to become bocked.

Some reasons for EFT not working quickly and effectively are the following: highly supressed memories, numbness and chronic lack of emotional association, and also factors that are present that cause the body's nervous system to go into a "fight / flight / freeze" state. In this last situation, the last thing the body is open for is healing. It just has to protect itself and survive.

If this is the case with you we will work with you to identify what these factors are, and these could be substances that you are exposed to such as laundry detergents, hair gels or some ingested foods such as wheat or corn or dairy. Peter uses kinesiology testing to identify these.

Treatment Costs

Peter Donn

Peter offers packages from a single session to a series of sessions. It is strongly recommended if at all possible to book a package as intention, commitment and momentum have a place in a successful outcome - especially for more complex issues.

Please see his consultation package prices here on our training web site.

Sessions take place in Hertfordshire, UK and also by Skype and phone. All options work well.

Peter is a very experienced and intuitive EFT practitioner who also uses other powerful tools and techniques where needed to speed up the healing process. Read more...

Tamara Donn

EFT treatments (woman only) are offered in Kings Langley in Hertfordshire (WD4).

Tamara uses EFT to treat many issues including trauma, upset, fears and blocks, she also specialises in the field of fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, birth trauma, and womens issues. Read more...

For more details on treatment for fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood, go here: EFT-fertility-pregnancy-birth

Please note: Tamara works only with women.

FREE 30 minute Discovery Session
In this session, we’ll look closely at what is holding you back from being your best YOU, what you want to achieve, what has stopped you until now from getting the results you want.

!’ll give you suggestions on how I can support you release whatever is holding you back from radiating your brilliance! And, if at that stage we both want to take this forward we'll create a plan to do that. 

I have a limited number of these sessions available each week, and they are allocated on a first come, first serve basis, so please email me to request a questionnaire and best dates and times for you so that we can get started straight away.




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