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EFT for Midwives, Doulas & other Birth Professionals

We are excited to be offering the UK's first EFT course for birth professionals.

The course is to be held in Kings Langley, Herts.
This is just 5 minutes from the M25 Junction 20,
and 27 minutes from London Euston.

4-day course with a one-day option to get an experience of EFT before you make up your mind!

EFT for Birth ProfessionalsEFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a powerful, fast and effective tool for stress relief, pain management and healing of trauma.  Its use within the field of fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period can transform the woman’s experience in many ways including:

Fertility issues
Pregnancy-related physical issues
Fears in pregnancy or labour
Birth trauma
Antenatal and postnatal depression

EFT for Birth Professionals Brochure CLICK HERE to download full brochure
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As its simplest, EFT (sometimes known as "Tapping"), involves tapping gently on specific acupuncture points. For many people results are fast and can be immediate as emotional and physical distress dissolves quickly, easily and usually painlessly.

EFT Introductory Video
CLICK HERE to see a short video introduction to EFT

EFT is a major leap in psychological and physical healing in the 21st Century, it is a powerful tool in the field of childbirth and can be used in an unlimited number of ways.

This course is suitable for all birth professionals, including:

  • Midwives, obstetricians
  • Doulas
  • Breastfeeding counsellors, lactation consultants
  • Antenatal teachers
  • Health visitors
  • Any other professionals involved with fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Christina and Jane share their experiences as they witness their major birth fear and birth trauma clear in a single session

The Aim of this Training

This course is both theoretical and highly experiential. Most participants find it deeply healing and sometimes life changing personally. The aim is to enable participants to practice EFT effectively on themselves, their clients and to be able to teach the basics to their clients. In-so-doing you will be able to provide an extraordinary level of emotional support by giving them the power to heal what is coming up for them. This form of support is very likely to lead to the best possible birth outcomes, significantly reduced levels of past and present birth trauma (physical and emotionals).

The training is split into two sets of 2 days (4 days in total).  By the end of the course you will have the tools necessary to practice EFT on your clients / patients for use on almost all emotional and physical issues arising, as well as gaining a fantastic self-help tool for use both in personal and professional issues.

The course is fully AAMET-accredited (The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies) which means that after completing case studies you will be an accredited AAMET EFT Practitioner.  You will be able to offer EFT as a standalone therapy as well as incorporating it into your current practice.

Training Overview

Day 1

An introductory day to EFT, covering all the basics and giving you enough knowledge and experience to practice on yourself, family and friends (offered also as a standalone training day).  This day represents the official AAMET Level 1 EFT training, with discussions and examples oriented more to the field of childbirth. A separate Level 1 certificate of completion is given after this day. CLICK HERE to see what Level 1 covers in more detail. There may be non-birth professionals on this day 1 (this is more likely to apply to the first Level 1 date).

This day can be taken standalone and you can decide if you wish to take the remaining 3 days after this first day. However course numbers are limited and priority will be given to those able to attend the full 4 days. (If you wish to experience EFT before committing you are advised to attend the first Level 1 date which gives a month to book days 2-4).

Days 2 and 3

On these days you will gain greater depth, skill and insight with EFT, as well as troubleshooting when EFT appears not to be working.  This includes finding and treating the origins of presenting symptoms and working with physical issues in greater depth. By the end of days 2 and 3 you have the option of becoming an AAMET EFT Practitioner by completing some case studies. These two days are equivalent to the AAMET Level 2 qualification, and there may be non-birth professionals at this event, however as with day 1, is oriented more to the field of childbirth. You will receive a separate AAMET Level 2 certificate of completion, and an AAMET EFT Practitioner certificate on completion of case studies. CLICK HERE to see what Level 2 covers in more detail.

Day 4:

This day focuses in greater depth on the many ways EFT can be used in the field of fertility, pregnancy, childbirth (vaginal and caesarean), post-natal depression and birth trauma.  We hope to have a pregnant woman join us for a demo.

Included in the price

The price includes tuition, a full manual and light refreshments. You are asked to bring a vegetarian lunch to share.

Course Trainers

Peter Donn: A highly experienced, intuitive and sensitive EFT trainer and practitioner with many years experience.  CLICK HERE for more details about Peter.

Tamara Donn:  As well as being an EFT practitioner, she has worked for several years in the field of fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood writing articles and presenting at conferences.  She runs the Birth Art Café in which participants explore all aspects of their transition into motherhood. CLICK HERE for more details about Tamara.
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Day 1:  Friday 12th Feb 2010 OR Tuesday 16th Mar 2010
Day 2: Wednesday 17th Mar 2010
Day 3:  Thursday 18th Mar 2010
Day 4:  Friday 19th Mar 2010

Training Prices

The price of this training is:

Full 4 days: £450
Day 1 only: £125
Days 2-3 (if Day 1 taken separately): £325

Early Bird price if pay deposit before 1st December 2009 :

£410 for full 4 days OR
£97 for Day 1 only

Earlybird Instalment option:  Online deposit plus 3 post-dated cheques with these amounts and dates:

£110 deposit

£100 cheque dated 1st Dec 2009
£100 cheque dated 1st Jan 2010
£100 cheque dated 1st Feb 2010

Please send cheques, payable to "Tamara Donn" to The Hertfordshire Health Centre, 2 Love Lane, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire WD4 9HN.

£450 standard price

To book

To reserve a place, please pay above, email info@womantomother.co.uk or call Tamara Donn on 01923 260050.

For fertility, pregnancy, birth or motherhood issues, go here: EFT-fertility-pregnancy-birth


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